Why eMerge Health?

GI-Specific – Created by GI physicians for GI physicians. While other solutions were designed to be used in the OR, eMerge was specifically developed to address the needs of GI practitioners and organizations. Its workflow is built to follow that of an endoscopic procedure so implementation is simple and extensive customization is unnecessary.

  • Features solutions and workflows that are specific to the needs of Gastroenterologists and their staff
  • JACHO and AAAHC compliant for capturing and managing clinical and workflow information
  • Rich library of GI-specific content for physician’s procedure notes and nursing op-notes
  • Over 650 million unique voice-command templates which can be further customized to meet the specific needs of each physician
  • Real-time charge capture – eMerge intelligently captures all charge codes as the procedure progresses
  • Seamless integration of all systems and processes: Scheduling, Physician Notes, Nursing Notes, Pathology, EHR/EMR

Voice Activated – The only system offering the ability to document procedure details, intra-operatively using a wireless microphone and intuitive voice commands. The system is unaffected by normal conversation and utilizes terms that are natural to physicians and nurses to capture critical procedure information at the time it’s presented.

  • The world’s first real-time, intra-operative documentation system – retrospective charting with dictaphones and other software systems are now a thing of the past
  • Easy to implement – can be configured to each physician’s unique style

Intra-Operative – eMerge is the only system that documents procedure details to complete the report intra-operatively and in real-time. The ability for the physician and nurse to add notes and information during the procedure not only saves time, but also significantly increases the accuracy of documentation and quality of patient care.

  • 100% Accurate: eMerge builds reports using information that is validated in real-time by each user
  • Intuitively designed to follow the vocabulary and workflow that physicians and nurses are used to
  • Physicians’ and Nurses’ notes are communicated in real-time to create comprehensive documentation for physicians, nurses, pathology, surgeons, referring doctors, and patients

Versatility – We recognize that not all members of an endoscopy center or practice will be comfortable using intra-operative voice commands to document procedure details in real-time. That’s why we’ve incorporated the features and components needed to mirror existing processes while still creating efficiency and reducing cost. eMerge can accommodate different styles – making it a comprehensive solution for all users, no matter their preference.

  • eMerge is the only solution that can be hosted on a server at your facility, or that can be managed in the Cloud and made available to you, securely, over the internet
  • The ONLY system to finally meet the needs of every physician – unmatchable flexibility in how physicians choose to generate their reports

Proven Success – With our roots and more than 70,000 procedures performed using the eMerge system, no one understands the endoscopic workflow better. The eMerge endoscopic real-time workflow system was designed to simplify the documentation process – before, during and after the procedure – allowing physicians, nurses and facility administrators to focus on what they do best – delivering exceptional patient care.