Save Time. Improve Accuracy. Increase Patient Confidence.

You know this scenario all too well. You’ve just finished another procedure and you take the time immediately following to finish the documentation necessary to complete your report. You do your best to recall what was seen and the actions that were taken in the previous 30 – 45 minutes.

With that patient and procedure behind you, you start moving toward the next. On your way, you’re fielding phone calls, catching up on email, checking your pager – the list goes on. Then, in the midst of juggling all of these tasks, you walk in to see your next patient prior to his or her procedure. After welcoming the patient you begin by asking a series of discovery questions – likely the same ones they’ve already answered in your waiting room and with your nurse. Questions answered, you prep to perform the procedure.

Sound familiar? We thought so.

At eMerge, we know how busy you are and how difficult it can be to accurately document procedure details, adequately prepare for the next patient in the day’s lineup and to keep up with basic operational tasks. That’s why we’ve designed an endoscopic real-time workflow system to make your life easier. Using eMerge, you can increase documentation accuracy, improve continuity of care and save time and money. Our patient portal puts patient details at your fingertips, our voice controlled, intra-operative documentation tools allow you to complete your report in real-time and our seamless workflow process manages post-op recovery and pathology requisitions automatically.