Greater Continuity of Care. More Informed Patients.

Even the most routine endoscopic procedures can cause some anxiety for patients, but they expect that their potential fears and concerns will be alleviated and their questions will be answered by the team caring for them. The trouble is, this doesn’t always occur in a particularly consistent manner.

Most often the case is this: patients are required to present their personal information and condition details during the registration process, then again when the nurse performs pre-op preparations and then again with the physician prior to the procedure. This repetition may cause the patient’s confidence to waiver.

With eMerge, however, this information is stored within a patient portal where information can be accessed by all caregivers – from registration through recovery – significantly increasing the patient’s perception of continuity. Plus, because eMerge documents all procedure details intra-operatively, a report can be ready for a patient review once they’ve come out of recovery and are ready to go home. The eMerge system allows the physician to control which details are included in the patient-facing report and can present the information in layman’s terms instead of medical jargon, leading to fewer post-ops calls from patients seeking clarification.