Take Care of Patients, Not Paperwork.

Have you ever been in the middle of assisting in a procedure, wishing you could spend more of your time and energy caring for the patient? Have you ever been distracted by the need to constantly take notes and update the patient chart while the endoscopy is being performed?

We know that diversions like these can be frustrating and that you’d like nothing more than to focus on the patient and their needs during the procedure. Though dosage amounts, oxygen levels and blood pressure are certainly important details to note, there must be a way to do so without compromising the quality of care your patients receive.

With eMerge, this isn’t only possible, it’s guaranteed.

At eMerge, we want to help you focus on care, not on note taking. That’s why we’ve designed an endoscopic real-time workflow system to make this a reality. Using eMerge, you can improve documentation efficiency and accuracy, using our intra-operative voice commands to add critical procedure details to the report – allowing you to stay with the patient and do what you do best – deliver the highest quality of care possible.

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