eMerge FAQs

Process, Workflow and Operations

Will physician reports and nursing notes be completed along with the procedure (intra-operatively)?
eMerge is the only solution that allows physicians and nurses to fully document procedure details and complete reports intra-operatively. Procedure reports are faxed to referring physicians and surgeons before the patient is even moved to recovery. This is accomplished through the use of eMerge’s unique and innovative system that allows physicians and nurses to give voice-commands via a wireless microphone. During the procedure, physicians and nurses are able to have normal conversations with each other and with patients without affecting the voice command engine. eMerge also collects data intra-operatvely from medical devices and from other users workflow data.
Can I update or create reporting templates?
Yes. Unlike many other systems that require physicians to wait months and even years before requested templates become available for use, eMerge allows physicians to create personal templates and their own voice commands in just moments with the click of a button.
Is eMerge a voice recognition system?
No. eMerge is not a voice recognition system such as Dragon™. eMerge has a patent-pending voice command engine that will only hear specific commands based on the type of procedure and specific procedure scenarios. eMerge will not be affected by normal conversation between physician, nurse and patient.
Will I need to learn eMerge’s vocabulary?
No. eMerge uses standard medical words as commands. However, when used in a normal conversation these words will not impact eMerge. eMerge can easily distinguish between command and conversational use of medical words.
I have an accent, will the computer be able to hear and recognize me?
Yes. eMerge systems have been designed to hear various accents and styles of talking. eMerge has been tested with multiple international accents and the voice command engine has been honed over the years to achieve maximum performance in this critical area.
Does our work process need to adapt to how eMegre is designed?
No. eMerge was designed by physicians and nurses that work in endoscopy centers. eMerge has been designed to allow flexibility for individual physicians and groups.

Quality, Accuracy and Efficiency

How will introduction of eMerge make my endoscopy center more efficient?
eMerge creates efficiency by fully documenting and completing physician reports and nursing notes intra-operatively, then completing pathology requisitions and labels automatically and by powering automation in the recovery room. A secondary technician or nurse will no longer be required in the procedure room to manage documentation and automation in the recovery room will allow for reduced staffing levels. Missed charges will be a thing of the past since eMerge manages charge codes and indications intra-operatively via voice commands.
How will increased efficiency impact the endoscopy center?
On any given workday, assuming 12 procedures, the efficiency created by eMerge will allow physicians to gain an extra hour. This will allow physicians to have a better quality of life while increasing profitability.
How does eMerge allow me to improve accuracy and reporting quality?
Because eMerge generate reports intra-operatively instead of retrospectively like other systems, accurate charges and notes are captured as physicians perform operative actions via voice commands.
Will eMerge allow me to send submitted data to organizations that track procedure quality outcomes?
Yes. eMerge has been certified by quality benchmarking organizations such as GIQuic and Outcome. This will be increasingly important as pay-for-performance standards are introduced.

Technology, Implementation and User Satisfaction

What will patients, referring physicians and endoscopy center staff think of eMerge?
Based on our experience with existing eMerge clients, there will be increased patient, RN and referring physician satisfaction. Patients will leave with their final report, images and recommendations. RNs will be able to return to what they like best – patient care – instead of administrative documentation. And referring physicians will appreciate the speed and quality of procedure reports.
What advantages will my endoscopy center have because eMerge is a cloud based solution?
eMerge is a web-based system and as such does not require any capital expenditure for servers. Your endoscopy center will be up and running with eMerge within weeks. After your accounts are provisioned, eMerge staff will travel to your facility for training to ensure your implementation experience is seamless.