When it comes to compliance, eMerge recognizes and adheres to industry standards and best practices.


As pay-for-performance standards are introduced, it will be essential that documentation systems share collected data with other organizations responsible for tracking procedure quality – a need that eMerge is well-prepared to fulfill.

eMerge uses the healthcare industry’s standard HL7 protocol to interface with external systems. Employing a proprietary HL7 interface to send and receive data in a format that other healthcare systems recognize, eMerge affords users a seamless experience for transferring data from one system to another. eMerge’s HL7 interface eliminates the need for physicians and nurses to work on pockets of data spread across a gamut of systems.


Because benchmarking quality is also becoming increasingly important as these pay-for-performance standards are introduced, eMerge has also been certified by GIQuic, a quality benchmarking program under the auspice of Outcome, a leading international healthcare quality benchmarking organization. These organizations provide a standard to which physicians are able to measure how well they perform with regards to recommended quality guidelines. Doing so will help physicians and groups to negotiate better reimbursement rates from insurance companies and will ensure patients receive the highest quality of care.