eMerge eliminates paperwork and increases your productivity, while lowering your costs and producing an accurate, perfectly documented report every time.

eMerge offers patients a seamless care experience – from registration through recovery and beyond.

Having to repeatedly provide personal information or ask clarifying questions can be frustrating and cause a drop in patient confidence. Using eMerge, patients can provide their details just once and leave their procedure feeling informed and prepared for any important next steps.

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eMerge offers nurses the ability to efficiently document procedure details and spend more time caring for the patient.

Having to continuously update the patient chart with vital statistics, medication dosage and other procedure details can be frustrating and divert attention away from the patient. Using eMerge, nurses can more accurately update chart information using intra-operative voice commands.

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eMerge offers physicians the ability to intra-operatively document a procedure to increase efficiency and ensure accuracy.

Given your busy schedule, we know it can be difficult to accurately document procedures or be fully prepared for the day’s next patient. Using eMerge, physicians can increase documentation accuracy, improve continuity of care and save time and money.

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eMerge offers a seamless handoff from procedure completion to pathology for analysis.

Having to guess at labels and verify patient information is a thing of the past with eMerge. Instead, pathology analysis can start as soon as labels and procedure details are delivered to the pathology system using a two-way process for data sharing.

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eMerge offers facility administrators the flexibility to employ our system in a way that’s best for their organization.

Two-way information sharing between the variety of applications leveraged in any given facility – from scheduling systems to human resources and anywhere in between – is a critical element to the success of a real-time, intra-operative workflow system, like eMerge.

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Our real-time workflow system resides on a robust, secure and scaleable technical platform.
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Does our work process need to adapt to how eMerge is designed?
No. eMerge was designed by physicians and nurses that work in endoscopy centers. eMerge has been designed to allow flexibility for individual physicians and groups.
How will increased efficiency impact the endoscopy center?
On any given workday, assuming 12 procedures, the efficiency created by eMerge will allows physicians to gain an extra hour. This will allow physicians to have a better quality of life while increasing profitability.
What advantages will my endoscopy center have because eMerge is a cloud based solution?
eMerge is a web-based system and as such does not require any capital expenditure for servers. Your endoscopy center will be up and running with eMerge within weeks. After your accounts are provisioned, eMerge staff will travel to your facility for training to ensure your implementation experience is seamless.

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