eMerge Unveils new Website: A Wealth of New Features and Information to Help Physicians, Nurses and Centers Learn More About the Benefits of Real-time, Intra-Operative Endoscopic Workflow Systems

CINCINNATI, OH. — November 1, 2011 — eMerge Health Solutions today unveiled their updated and restyled website at (www.eMergeHealth.com), containing a wealth of information and features geared toward helping physicians, nurses and facility administrators to understand the increases in efficiency, accuracy and quality that can be realized when the eMerge real-time, intra-operative workflow system is leveraged. The new website is an essential visit for endoscopic physicians and centers everywhere.

“We are thrilled with the new site and are excited about all that it has to offer,” said Bharat Saini. “eMerge solutions are designed to help our clients to deliver the very best patient care and with our new site, we really focused on carrying over this best practice. On our new site each visitor can get exactly what they want out of their visit. From viewing case studies of key solution successes, to discovering how eMerge can benefit their specific role, to requesting additional information from our team, the entire site was constructed with the client in mind.”

Highlights of the new site include:

  • A series of videos to help depict the benefits and inner workings of eMerge solutions
  • Pages designed to illustrate role-specific features, advantages and benefits
  • A collection of company news, including press releases and articles published
  • Case studies that demonstrate specific improvements achieved via eMerge implementation
  • A variety of options to connect with the eMerge team and to request additional information
  • Comprehensive FAQs to help visitors answer questions in a self-service format
  • A variety of content about the eMerge real-time, intra-operative, endoscopic workflow system and how it’s been designed to fully document procedures while also creating efficiencies, improving accuracy and lowering costs.

eMerge’s proven web-based, intra-operative endoscopic workflow system enables physicians, nurses and facility administrators to automate documentation from pre-op, through the procedure and then in post-op. The efficiencies gained help to reduce costs, increase report accuracy, and improve procedure outcomes and quality of patient care. The company’s new website aims to convey these exciting advances in procedure documentation — an essential component for any endoscopy center as pay-for-performance becomes increasingly prevalent.

About eMerge (www.eMergehealth.com)

eMerge is a leading provider of intra-operative endoscopic workflow systems that enables physicians and nurses to fully document endoscopic procedures in real-time. Through use of the eMerge system, clients are able to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity, while also lowering costs and producing accurate, perfectly documented procedure reports. For additional information, contact Robyn Forbes, robyn.forbes@eMergeHealth.com or 1.800.707.8537.