eMerge Health Solutions Releases eMerge|ENDO Version 4.0

Featuring customizable keyword-driven voice commands for the physician

Mason, Ohio (Oct. 15, 2012) – eMerge Health Solutions today announced the latest release of its SaaS-based intra-operative documentation and workflow solution. It will be showcasing the features of the newest release at the ACG Annual Meeting in Las Vegas later this month.

eMerge Health produces a hands-free intra-operative documentation and workflow solution that allows physicians and nurses to document procedures at the “moment of care” by using keyword-driven voice commands, a first in the market. All of the procedural notes, pathology requisition and billing information can be captured during the procedure and distributed accordingly throughout the medical facility.

One of the most exciting features of version 4.0 is the customizable voice commands for the physician. The proprietary voice processing engine now allows the physician to create their own voice commands and define personalized content for procedure reports and discharge instructions. For example, based on differences in training and practice, a physician now has a personalized method of describing a procedure and can express his or her own unique practice style in their procedure reports.

“Since our very first release of the software, this newest version represents one of our biggest platform releases to date, covering a wide range of enhancements, bug fixes, and greatly improved performance and scalability on the cloud,” said Trent McCracken, president and CEO of eMerge. “Version 4.0 is the direct result of a cumulative effort on the part of our customers and our software engineers to continue to improve the next-generation intra-operative documentation and workflow solution for the healthcare industry.”

About eMerge Health (www.eMergeHealth.com)

eMerge Health is a leading provider of intra-operative endoscopic workflow systems that enables physicians and nurses to fully document endoscopic procedures in real-time. Through use of the eMerge|ENDO™ system, clients are able to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity, while also lowering costs and producing accurate, perfectly documented procedure reports.