eMerge Health Integrates EMR At Heritage Surgical Center

HL7 Engine Adds Intra-operative Charge Tracking, Surpassing Industry Standards

MASON, OH. — April 11, 2012 – eMerge Health Solutions today announced substantial workflow improvements for Heritage Surgical Center – citing integration with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Patient Management (PM) systems as the keys to this tremendous success.  Powered by a proprietary HL7 engine, this integration enables real-time, bi-directional information sharing to increase efficiency and eliminate redundancy throughout the patient life cycle.

As is the case for many endoscopic surgery centers, Heritage Surgical Center relied solely on their PM and EMR systems to assist with creating patient records, appointment scheduling and procedure identification.  With the introduction of the eMerge HL7 integration, when an appointment is scheduled and a procedure is identified, the information entered into these systems is now fed directly into the eMerge|ENDO™ real-time, intra-operative workflow management system, reducing the burden to the center’s scheduling staff by eliminating the need for data re-entry.  During the procedure, the eMerge|ENDO™ system then tracks all charges and automatically delivers that information directly to the center’s billing system – greatly reducing the number of charge errors.

“We are thrilled with the integration and excited about the many benefits this integration offers us,” said Roseann Mahar of Heritage Surgical Center.  “eMerge Health has designed a proprietary integration that helps us to connect the various systems used to track patient activities and outcomes and this translates into significant time savings for our staff and practice.  With the time saved, we’re able to schedule and perform cases at a higher rate than ever before.  Additionally, the instant submission of billing charges helps to ensure we aren’t missing anything.  For us, no missed charges means no missed revenue and that’s a significant advantage.”

The eMerge|ENDO™ endoscopic real-time workflow system was originally designed to help clients deliver the very best patient experience by increasing the efficiency and accuracy of the activities and documentation surrounding their procedure and overall care.  The successful integration to PM and EMS systems, such as AllScripts, has proven to be another integral component of the platform.

“Our proven web-based, intra-operative endoscopic workflow system continues to power automated documentation from pre-op, through the procedure and then in post-op for Heritage Surgical Center and this HL7 integration has helped to significantly increase the value of the service we deliver to our customers,” stated Trent McCracken, eMerge Health President & CEO.  “We are excited to continue to deliver solutions through which our customer can realize even greater efficiencies, increased cost reduction and improved accuracy.”

About eMerge (www.eMergehealth.com)

eMerge Health is a leading provider of intra-operative endoscopic workflow systems that enables physicians and nurses to fully document endoscopic procedures in real-time.  Through use of the eMerge|ENDO™ system, clients are able to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity, while also lowering costs and producing accurate, perfectly documented procedure reports.  For additional information, contact Robyn Forbes, robyn.forbes@eMergeHealth.com or 1.800.707.8537.