eMerge Health Closes $850,000 Venture Round

MASON, OH. — June 19, 2012 – eMerge Health Solutions today announced that it has closed a seed round of funding of $850,000. Investors include CincyTech and private individuals.

The company has a hands-free intra-operative documentation and workflow solution that allows physicians and nurses to document procedures in real time by utilizing keyword-driven voice commands. All of the procedural notes, pathology requisitions, and billing information can be captured during the procedure and distributed accordingly throughout the medical facility.

“Our vision is to be the industry leader for hands-free documentation and workflow solutions for the entire healthcare industry,” stated Trent McCracken, president and CEO of eMerge Health. “The funds raised will be used for ongoing research and development to broaden our voice capabilities, and to expand the sales and implementation teams”.

eMerge Health is well positioned for substantial growth, said Mike Venerable, managing director of digital/software/health tech for CincyTech.

“eMerge is significantly different from its competitors in terms of its automated reporting and documentation features,” said Venerable. “Now, with its solid leadership, it is tracking to triple revenue and headcount by the end of the year.”

The company will be moving to a larger office in Mason in July to accommodate its rapidly expanding team. Mr. McCracken added, “When we looked for new office space, the City of Mason was extremely helpful, and we were happy we were able to stay here. The City has become a great partner of ours.”

About eMerge Health (www.eMergehealth.com)

eMerge Health is a leading provider of intra-operative endoscopic workflow systems that enables physicians and nurses to fully document endoscopic procedures in real-time. Through use of the eMerge|ENDO™ system, clients are able to eliminate paperwork and increase productivity, while also lowering costs and producing accurate, perfectly documented procedure reports.

Robyn Forbes