Years ago, a large group of endoscopic practitioners came to the realization that no product in the marketplace fully met the unique needs of their endoscopy centers. Although there were systems to support image capture, report generation and nursing notes, those available were disparate and none integrated the endoscopy workflow to truly create efficiency.

Then, in August 2006, the group that had originally identified the unmet market need pulled together an expert engineering resource and a collection of nursing and business leaders to form eMerge. The goal of eMerge was simple: to provide an integrated platform for endoscopy centers that would create efficiency with the introduction of innovative tools and cutting edge technologies. Taking the first step toward fulfilling that vision and goal, the eMerge team set to work on developing a method for capturing real-time documentation via voice commands. To fuel this initial development cycle, eMerge engaged engineers and functional leaders from the GI space to help lay the foundation for a forward-thinking software system that would enable documentation intra-operatively.

Piloting the eMerge system in five endoscopy centers and two hospitals, it became apparent very early on that this kind of system could deliver great value in the form of increased efficiency and accuracy and reduced costs-all while providing a higher quality of patient care. Shortly after pilot, eMerge was certified by GIQuic, a quality benchmarking organization created under the auspice of the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the American College of Gastroenterology.

Since it’s start in August 2006, eMerge has proven the abilities and benefits of its system in a variety of case studies-demonstrating that the introduction of real-time quality feedback improves the quality of patient care and in detection rates of pre-cancerous lesions. The company has also gained industry acceptance and confidence that’s helped it to raise capital from the state of Ohio through the Third Frontier program as well as local investment groups.

To date, over 50,000 procedures have been performed using the eMerge real-time, intra-operative endoscopic workflow system and the company continues to earn local and national media exposure for the development of ground-breaking technology and process.